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Why is there no image scale option for editors in TYPO3

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Everytime I search about changing image sizes in TYPO3, the only thing I can find is cropping, as if it was the only way to manipulate image sizes. This even confuses editors and they asked me, as the site package developer, if I did something wrong.

TYPO3 11.5 even offers an image manipulation tool for editors and the "powerful" image manipulation capabilities are promoted on the website.

enter image description here

But neither the tool offers a way to down scale images nor are there width / height settings. It could be related to responsiveness. But I don't see a problem in changing the width / height as long as you don't deform the image (i.e. change the width/height ratio) and don't stretch the image width/height bigger than it was before.

On the other hand, the famous bootstrap_package (which seems to be a quasi-standard to me, because even the TYPO3 doc screenshots have this extension) stretches images to 100% container width, even if they are smaller, which makes them look really blurry and bad.

I wonder if I missed something like an option that I can activate in my site package or a good reason why such an important feature is missing.

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