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I have this code:

os.system('convert xc:red xc:black xc:white +append swatch.png')
os.system('convert red_1.jpg +dither -remap swatch.png start.png')

In first line I create a saved colored Image like this:

But I would like just to attribute this image a variable, without open this image again, do this directly. Something like this, in a simple way:

os.system('convert xc:red xc:black xc:white +append my_image')

In second line, I need to read the images, I would like to atribute the variables directly too, like this:

os.system('convert input_image_1 +dither -remap input_image_2 output_image')

I am doing several processes of an image, and I would not like to need to save an image and then open it again, I would like to do the process directly, is it possible?

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