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How do you connect to specific Postgres schema using Sqlalchemy?

So I've created a new schema called "rezerwacja_domkow". I can see it in Pgadmin4. But the whole schema system confuses me (so far I've played only with sqlite which was much more straightforward). I have no clue how to connect to it and work only in this schema.

When I connect to the main db I see:

            List of schemas
       Name        |       Owner       
 public            | pg_database_owner
 rezerwacja_domkow | postgres
 tiger             | postgres
 tiger_data        | postgres
 topology          | postgres
(5 rows)

But when I try to list table names using Sqlalchemy inspector I don't see any tables from "rezerwacja_domkow" schema. I'd like to "connect" to this specific schema and modify / add data only to this one. Your help is greatly appreaciated.

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