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xvfb with jenkins (headless) - need for fluxbox integration

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I am an absolute newbie to jenkins. I have my jenkins setup on a headless ubuntu server. I have Gui desktop installed on it. I need to run swing UI tests. I have enabled the xvfb plugin through jenkins.

Earlier when I ran UI tests with a screen size of 1024x768, I got the following error

The component to click is out of the boundaries of the screen

I tried to configure the screen size through jenkins to 1920x1080, but it didn't solve the problem for me.

If I run xvfb along with fluxbox, I do not get such errors. But the problem is when i run xvfb + fluxbox using jenkins, half of the times it fails to invoke fluxbox. It only invokes xvfb.

Please suggest a way to invoke xvfb + fluxbox everytime I run my tests

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