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XML Parsing with Multiple Namespaces

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I am trying to parse and write XML using Python's standard library for xml parsing.

The format of the xml is as follows:

xml = '<class:Classification xmlns:class="schema:SpeciesClassification:2.0" xmlns="" dateClassified="2019-02-11" endangeredMarking="false" caveat="false"></class:Classification>'

When I parse this xml then push it back to a string, I get something strange. All the class: become ns0. How do I keep these markings?

from xml.etree.cElementTree import Element, SubElement, parse, tostring, fromstring

b'<ns0:Classification xmlns:ns0="schema:SpeciesClassification:2.0" caveat="false" dateClassified="2019-02-11" endangeredMarking="false" />'

Do I have to specify a different parser? I'm just a bit lost on why this gets dropped.


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