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Xamarin System.Exception when adding Content page VS

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When trying to add a Content Page to the solution in visual studio, the following error occurs:

Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.

The project system has encountered an error.

Did not find new element in the hierarchy for item `Views\MyPage.xaml`.
The item would have been added with type "Page".
The project item schema service knows about this item type.
The item does exist in the project file.

When adding the file I do the following:

Right click on Views in my Xamarin Solution > Add > New Item > Content Page > Add

When looking in the windows explorer, there is a file created MyPage.xaml but it has not created MyPage.xaml.cs and it is not added to the solution

It is a blank Xamarin shared project and this error just keeps happening...

It's driving me nuts as I can't even add a single page

As a workaround, I add the files manually using the W. explorer and then edit app.projitems manually, but this is just ridiculous.

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