Xamarin iOS ITMS-90022 'Missing required icon file'

Xamarin - Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac SDK - Visual Studio 2017 15.9.11

Attempting to publish .ipa to App Store Connect via Application Loader results in

ERROR ITMS-90022: "Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod Touch of exactly '120x120' pixels, in .png format for iOS versions >= 7.0."

I have read and tried the tips on this thread: https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/71397/missing-required-file-icon-error-itms-90022-amp-itms-90023

None of the images contain an alpha channel.




All images show up in the Asset viewer

ipa contents:

csproj contains no duplicates/unused images

I have attempted to publish using VS for Mac (2017/2019 as Release/Generic), Microsoft App Center, and Publish from Visual Studio for Windows (Release, iPhone), all result in ITMS-90022.

The lack of detailed information as to why this isn't working is incredibly frustrating.


It has worked on VS for Mac (2019) only, not on any other build. Will attempt updating Xamarin.iOS and retrying on App Center, and directly from Visual Studio for Windows (2017) again.

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