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writing a TOC plugin for youtube videos

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I want to write a plugin for youtube, that will allow users to create and display a table of contents of their youtube videos.

background: Several years ago, I wrote a program in Java Swing which the user could use to annotate an audio or video. My program was called "juwo Nodepad". The user would click on points in the stream and be able to create a tree of nodes. Each node would be in addition to the timestamp url to the stream, a text snippet or picture or link to audio etc. Nodepad would traverse the tree and play all leaves at the node simultaneously so the audio or video would be annotated. The program worked but the project was unsuccessful as it did not get users but I believe it could succeed with youtube videos. The original concept was valid and should work here.

I guess the plugin will have to be in Javascript because the youtube player is in Javascript.

However when I look at the youtube API, it is about getting data about the users watching statistics.

Is it possible to write such a plugin?

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