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write number within a range in input text

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I have two text inputs which are linked by their v-model to a ref that is an object, I have two more refs: minimum(100) and maximum(1000) which I am looking for is to be able to write in these inputs between the range of minimum and maximum, but if the value that I write is less than the minimum, it will automatically show the minimum value (100), if it is greater than the maximum, it will show the maximum.

<input type="text" v-model="" class="one" @input="validate"/> 
<input type="text" v-model="number.two" class="two" @input="validate"/>

const min = ref(100)
const max = ref(1000)

const numbers = ref({
   one: 100,
   two: 100

const validate = () => {
    if( === 'one'){
      if( <= min.value){ = min.value
      }else if( > max.value){ = max.value

I do this, but from here it no longer lets me write anything in the input, I think I know it's because is now equal to the minimum so I can't modify it anymore, but how can I change the amounts?

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