Basic requirement: I want to integrate a catalog with detail product pages inside an existing wordpress installation.

The catalog is a CSV file which I can parse and store the individual items inside the DB. Every item belongs to a individual product group. The stock of the catalog changes. Products are added or deleted. Therefore I need to process the CSV file every day.

Target page structure:


My first approach: The CSV part to store the products is not a problem at all. For the rest I startet to develop a plugin which will do the rest.

I have come that far:

/catalog/ is a static page with a plugin function who shows links to the product_group. The plugin functionsname is showProductGroupFromCatalog(). Inside the plugin I registerd the function with:


And inside the /catalog/ page I placed [showProductGroupFromCatalog] and it works like a charm.

But now I have no clue how I should render the product_group- and item pages. The templates are always the same and should completed with the data from the database.

What I need is like a templateRenderHook where I can decide, on the basis of the URI parts, which template I wanna use to render the HTML. I hope some one can give me an advice. Other approaches or solutions are also welcome.

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