I am receiving several errors and exception errors. I would like to run a series of functions that call several elements that i have scraped. The function runs fine on its own, it only runs into these errors when I also call on other functions.

Ive swapped around the order in which the function is called and the issue seems to lie when I call the PhoneCost function. If I leave the PhoneCost function to be the last one called all other lists will be called successful and PhoneCost will fail. All functions being called are lists. PhoneCost function calls a list of urls. If i run it independently without other functions being called there is no issue.

as for the things being printed, those are global variables which the functions help fill.

def PhoneCost():

    # extract the names of the phones
    # 10 second wait
    wait.until(EC.presence_of_all_elements_located((By.XPATH, "//div[starts-with(@class,'deviceListItem')]/a")))

    phonePlanLinksRaw = driver.find_elements_by_xpath("//div[starts-with(@class,'deviceListItem')]/a")

    for element in phonePlanLinksRaw:

    phonePlanLinks.pop()  # removes bring your own phone

    #prints all links
    numLink = 1
    for element in range(len(phonePlanLinks)):
        print("phone " + str(numLink) + " : " + phonePlanLinks[element])
        numLink += 1




i expect the function to be called after the ones before it without any errors - producing me a list of links after producing a list of phone models and plan names.

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