With exiftool I could not edit some tags like the result after when I put this line

exiftool logo.jpg -"Photoshop Quality"=""

I get this message

Warning: Sorry, Photoshop is not writable
Nothing to do.

My question . why ? how can i fix this problem ? . also I tried this line

exiftool logo.jpg -all=""

all of tags are removed exception of some like . . . .

    File Size

    File Type

So at the first did not edit . But in the second code worked ?

1 Answers

StarGeek On Best Solutions

"Photoshop Quality" is not the name of a tag, it is the description. Make sure you use the command in exiftool FAQ #2 to figure out the correct name to process. You can also look at the Photoshop Tag page to see more info on the Photoshop tags.

The second command will remove all embedded tags in the file, but some tags are actually properties of the file, not embedded information. FileSize, for example, is the actual size of the file as reported by the underlying OS. FileType is the type of the file. These items can't just be changed on a whim, nor can they be removed.