My application is developed using Android and Opencv.

I'm trying to match 3 real time images with a 3 reference images using ORB (I should've mentioned the method of features matching because maybe it can be the source of problem).

The main image processing is done in c++ and call JNI function in java.

I noticed a native SIGSEGV crash that is generated randomly, and after a lot of debugging and observations I found that the issues is trying to access an index in an empty array, that array is the matches array.

A lot of other debugging, I found that after I perform a symmetry test the result is 0, that's why the RANSAC test gives 0 matches and the program fail.

So I moved the the next step, and performed the matching in each image seperately, I found that a single image cause the crash, and not always.

Here is the symetry test function

void symmetryTest(
    const std::vector<std::vector<cv::DMatch> > &matches1,
    const std::vector<std::vector<cv::DMatch> > &matches2,
    std::vector<cv::DMatch> &symMatches) {
int count = 0;
// for all matches image 1 -> image 2
for (std::vector<std::vector<cv::DMatch> >::
     const_iterator matchIterator1 = matches1.begin();
     matchIterator1 != matches1.end(); ++matchIterator1) {
    // ignore deleted matches
    if (matchIterator1->size() < 2)
    // for all matches image 2 -> image 1
    for (std::vector<std::vector<cv::DMatch> >::
         const_iterator matchIterator2 = matches2.begin();
         matchIterator2 != matches2.end();
         ++matchIterator2) {

        // ignore deleted matches
        if (matchIterator2->size() < 2)
        // Match symmetry test
        if ((*matchIterator1)[0].queryIdx ==
            (*matchIterator2)[0].trainIdx &&
            (*matchIterator2)[0].queryIdx ==
            (*matchIterator1)[0].trainIdx) {

            // add symmetrical match
            break; // next match in image 1 -> image 2

Here is the image that cause fail

enter image description here

I tried to clone the Mat objects before sending them to native processing.

I also performed tests to make sure if the images are valid and available.

So I have two assumptions here

  1. Maybe ORB can't detect features from this type of images (low details) (I'm not too sure about this point because sometimes the same image gives me a good results)
  2. It's the first image in the array, maybe that cause the problem

But I can't assume anything, maybe you guys can help me through this because I'm stuck at this bug for a week.

Thank you in advance.

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