I’m Trying to get started on my (relatively) new Linux computer, on Ubuntu 18.04.1, and a test Code I am writing at the minute is not working.

I have tried Everything I could find, including the “chmod” command, the python3 environment application, and the “#! /usr/local/bin/env python3” tagline at the start of the code. The following code project has not been finished, but it should be enough to recreate the problem.

#! /usr/local/bin/env python3
import sys
import random
rDepth = input(“please choose a level of randomisation > “)
if (rDepth) > 6 :
        print(“nice try!”)

As Expected, The First Words That popped up were the input statement mentioned in the code. Although the computer could not interpret the conditional statement, and it returned: (NOTE: I am having password problems, so I cannot quote the error message yet, will update soon)

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