I want to run a program as root and have it connect to postgres using socket authentication with a different user (called arnold in my examples), as prescribed by a connection URI.

In particular, in my testing environment (an nspawn container), I can run the following as root and successfully establish a connection to postgres,

(test-root) # psql postgres://[email protected]/arnold
<it works>

but in my production environment I am failing to connect:

(prod-root) # psql postgres://[email protected]/arnold
psql: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "arnold"

The pg_hba.conf is identical between the two boxes, both are running postgres 10, and I can connect successfuly with sudo -u arnold psql -d arnold in both cases.

My question then is what could be different between the two environments so that this is working for only one of them? Thanks in advance.

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