I am using application insight for measuring performance and also storing some telemetry data of my web application and it was working fine till last month.

But from last month I am unable to see any traffic in app insight. In last month just I have added one slot in my app service. I have checked instrumentation key, it's same and correct and there is no change in application settings and configuration in app service.

Could you please suggest me if any additional settings I need to take care ?

I suspect this issue is due to adding of slot because in other environment it's working fine.

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cijothomas On Best Solutions

How are you enabling application insights for the App in Azure Web App? Are you using extensions or do you take nuget dependency at build time? If using extension, please navigate to this url to find the status of application insights enablement: https://yoursitename.scm.azurewebsites.net/ApplicationInsights

Have you ensured that that instrumentation key is available in all slots? This is most likely an instrumentation key issue.

George Chen On

You could go to Visual Studio configure Application Insights through there and then redeploy the application to slot.

For more information, you could refer to this doc: Application Insights support for Multiple Environments, Stamps and App Versions, , specifically the 'Multi Stamp Support'.