My webpage is devoted to generic places, where users vote for them, and I'm trying to make Google to show rich snippets with star-rating votes for such webpages.

I've been reading the documentation, and found two types which can help me:

However, I've been browsing the webpage of Google dealing with review snippets, and they claim that publishers can "supply ratings for the following content" types:

  • Books
  • Local businesses
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Products
  • Recipes

Are such categories the only accepted ones to show review snippets?

I see some webpages using Article or just the hReview-aggregate Microformat without mentioning the type, to show review snippets.

Which would be the best solution? Place? Article? Just Microformat?

1 Answers

Omiod On is quite flexible to mix elements as you wish, but so far Google will handle only some specific cases, the ones listed in their reference page