I noticed that

$ pip3 install virtualenv

installed the script into ~/Documents/bitbucket-python-scripts/.env35/bin though virtual environment .env35 (created earlier) was not active at the time of issuing the command.

From ~/.profile

export WORKON_HOME=~/Documents/bitbucket-python-scripts/.env35

what is the correct place (dir) where virtualenv is installed? I would think that virualenv script should not depend on whether I have created virtual environments or not. Is this correct?

Please also clarify the following. Each created (by virtualenv) virtual environment has bin and site-packages subdirs. ~/.local also does. I understand that when I use

(.env35) $ pip3 install aiohttp

a package is installed into the active virtual environment.

When ~/.local is used? Should I setup something additionally?

Using: Python 3.5.3; Debian GNU/Linux 9.8 (stretch)

UPDATED 04/29 Through experiment found that if no virtual environments found in the PATH variable, pip3 installs virtualenv script into ~/.local/bin

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