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Where are the MySQL databases stored (cPanel/WHM)?

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I have cPanel & WHM installed on my server.

Is it safe to backup this directory (if I only care about backing up the MySQL databases): "/var/lib/mysql/"

I don't care about the other MySQL databases that cPanel provide by default. I only care about the MySQL databases that other cPanel users have created and currently own.

I know I could just back it up with other ways, but let's say due to a hard disk drive failure, I cannot access cPanel and WHM.

The only access to the server I have is via SSH (and SFTP).

Okay, so would it be my best interest to just download everything in "/var/lib/mysql/"?

If not, what other files would I need to back up? Let me guess, just the "/home/" directory?

I hope my description of my issue was made clear and was descriptive.

Basically, I need to transfer the MySQL databases from one HDD to another, but the HDD with the MySQL databases has lots of errors, is corrupted (I cannot access cPanel/WHM) and my server provider tells me my HDD has failed.

In advance, I would like to thank you very much for your help. Even if you did not help, thank you very much for taking your time reading this. It is much appreciated.

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