I have a Magento website with a 4.33 GB database. I need to manipulate some of the data so I exported the database, then zip it but when I try to import it inside phpmyadmin on localhost I get timeout error and only 1/3 of the tables get transferred. I have edited the my.ini as well as php.ini and made the execution time 6000 but the issue is not from there. I believe it should be something with Magento that is wrong.

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Gondaliya Darshan On

You need to import your database using command line.

shell> mysqldump db_name > backup-file.sql

You can load the dump file back into the server like this:


shell> mysql db_name < backup-file.sql

The same in Windows command prompt:

mysql -p -u [user] [database] < backup-file.sql


C:\> cmd.exe /c "mysql -u root -p db_name < backup-file.sql"

MySQL command line

mysql> use db_name;
mysql> source backup-file.sql;