The screenshot below is from my Gmail spam folder. Notice that some of the email from and subject lines look normal, while many of them appear to use some sort of serif font:

Gmail spam folder showing some emails with an odd serif font

I'm a web developer, and from poking around, there's no CSS font declarations that are causing this to happen. The only hint is that the inspection panel for the "ZippyLoan ." sender shows that the fonts being used are not just Google's typical Roboto, but also "Cambria Math" (despite there being no corresponding "Cambria Math" CSS font declaration):

Chrome Dev Tools inspection panel

In fact, it seems that the font definition is somehow built-in to the text, since it even maintains the same appearance in plain-Jane Windows Notepad:

Regular Windows Notepad, showing two fonts.

Actually, here, I think it works anywhere... play around with it yourself it you'd like:


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CertainPerformance On Best Solutions

It's not a different font - it's the same font, just using odd code points. For example, the in has a code point of 119937:


which corresponds to:

mathematical bold italic capital z 0352201 119937 0x1D481 𝒁

There are many such odd code points that can be used. It's not ASCII.

In contrast, the standard capital Z has a code point of 90: