I'm wondering what expected invitee acceptance behavior is of a self hosted CalDAV server.

We have a Baikal server set up but are having issues with recipients (that are not on the bakail server) accepting calendar invites. The real issue being that that calendar events are not being updated with the acceptance status. Reviewing the ics files/nodes within dav.php shows that the PARTSTAT data always show =NEEDS-ACTION.

Again, this is only for users/email addresses that are not on the Baikal server.


  1. [email protected] sets up calendar event in Mac Calendar
  2. Invites [email protected] and [email protected]
  3. Invites sent out as IMip - we have also extended this plugin to use PHPMailer so that emails that are sent have better delivery
  4. Emails received and [email protected] accepts, event is displayed in their calendar and shows they have accepted and that [email protected] is the organizer and accepted, shows [email protected] as not accepted
  5. [email protected] also accepts, event is displayed in their Google calendar and shows they have accepted, shows [email protected] is organizer and accepted, [email protected] shows not accepted
  6. [email protected] gets IMip email that [email protected] has accepted.
  7. Gets a Gmail email that [email protected] has accepted.
  8. [email protected] goes to Mac Calendar and status shows as not accepted from [email protected]

Seems kind of similar to sabre-io/dav#556 but its clear the PARTSTAT is not being updated on our end.

So the real question is... is this normal behavior? ie. iCal acceptance not working across multiple domains?

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