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wget/curl large file from google drive

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I'm trying to download a file from google drive in a script, and I'm having a little trouble doing so. The files I'm trying to download are here.

I've looked online extensively and I finally managed to get one of them to download. I got the UIDs of the files and the smaller one (1.6MB) downloads fine, however the larger file (3.7GB) always redirects to a page which asks me whether I want to proceed with the download without a virus scan. Could someone help me get past that screen?

Here's how I got the first file working -

curl -L "" > phlat-1.0.tar.gz

When I run the same on the other file,

curl -L "" > index4phlat.tar.gz

I get the the following output - enter image description here

I notice on the third-to-last line in the link, there a &confirm=JwkK which is a random 4 character string but suggests there's a way to add a confirmation to my URL. One of the links I visited suggested &confirm=no_antivirus but that's not working.

I hope someone here can help with this!

Thanks in advance.

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