I need to display the hours with an interval of 15 that can be configured by the user.

I tried the way it is below but it is displaying as follows:

enter image description here

I need to display with an interval of 15 or 30 minutes: 15:15 - 15:30 - 15:45

html component:

<mwl-calendar-week-view [dayStartHour]="8" [dayStartMinute]="0" [precision]="'minutes'" 
[hourSegments]="4" [dayEndHour]="18" [dayEndMinute]="0" 
*ngSwitchCase="'week'" [excludeDays]="[0,6]" [viewDate]="viewDate" 
(viewDateChange)="selectedDay = {date:$event}" [events]="events" 
[refresh]="refresh" (dayClicked)="dayClicked($event.day)" 
(eventClicked)="edit($event.event" (eventTimesChanged)="eventTimesChanged($event)">


.cal-week-view {

   .cal-hour-segment.cal-after-hour-start .cal-time {
       display: block;

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