I have such code in my app.blade.php file.

<router-view name="popupAction"></router-view> @yield('content')

and other blade files are extending the app.blade.php file. while I am in other vue compoent without router-link
i.e. http://localhost:9002/Billing#/ everything seems fine
but when i use router-link and I am in page similar to
content inside component popupAction is not rendered, but scripts are being executed like when I use console.log from the page its showing up in console.
Am I missing something over here?

To get it more clear when I include component this way,
<router-view name="billingIndex"></router-view>
Its working fine,
but when I include this code in a component
<router-link :to="{name: 'invoiceBasedOnFilter', params: {month:picker,status:'ALL',method:'eft'}}"> View Page </router-link>
Its not working in the page followed by the link.

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