Using vue cli 3.2.1 I have used vue-cli to generate my project:

      "useConfigFiles": false,
      "plugins": {
        "@vue/cli-plugin-babel": {},
        "@vue/cli-plugin-eslint": {
          "config": "standard",
          "lintOn": [
      "router": true,
      "routerHistoryMode": true,
      "vuex": true,
      "cssPreprocessor": "sass"

Then I made som changes to the generated index.html.

What I now notice: -No versioning i.e hash is added to index.html file during vue cli project generation or with the file during production build, should it not by default?

Now when i build for production using yarn, the client must clear their cache to see the changes.

So I believe I have generated a static index.html. What I want i guess is to generate index.html dynamically so as to append a hash to the index.html so that users can see the latest changes.

If my assumptions are right, I need help to configure webpack to do so.

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