I have noticed that the .vscode files have 1.4 GB in each folder that I open a code. Why these file have become so large? Is there any way to stop making these large files? I need to scp code folder between remote machine and I need to remove these files frequently.

I use version: 1.32.3 on Limux Mint 18.3. and the following extensions:

Python, C++, Prettier, Peacoke, GitLense.

└── ipch
    ├── 21fd2401553c84f8
    │   ├── functions.ipch
    │   └── mmap_address.bin
    ├── 944dcfa22b114a8c
    │   ├── main.ipch
    │   └── mmap_address.bin
    └── 9f0098f535f71055
        ├── kuramoto.ipch
        └── mmap_address.bin

4 directories, 6 files

Thank you for any guide.

1 Answers

LazarusX On

The files in the ipch folder are IntelliSense cache files generated by the C/C++ extension. The maintainer has described how you can the customize cache path and size limit here.