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I am trying to create VBA to insert before and after Supercript and subscript. My code is below.

Public Sub MySubscriptSuperscript() 
Dim myRange As Word.Range, myChr 
For Each myRange In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges  
     For Each myChr In myRange.Characters 
     If myChr.Font.Superscript = True Then
        myChr.Font.Superscript = False
        myChr.InsertBefore "<sup>"
        myChr.InsertAfter "</sup>"
    End If  

    If myChr.Font.Subscript = True Then
        myChr.Font.Subscript = False
        myChr.InsertBefore "<sub>"
        myChr.InsertAfter "</sub>"
    End If
Set myRange = myRange.NextStoryRange
Loop Until myRange Is Nothing   
End Sub

This code is working good for each character of superscript and subscript.

But, I am looking for VBA which insert tags before and after complete superscript/subscript word/letters.


C12H22O11 and x23 + y397 + x67

Above VBA is giving following Output

C<sub>1</sub><sub>2</sub>H<sub>2</sub><sub>2</sub>O<sub>1</sub><sub>1</sub><sub> </sub><sub> </sub> and x<sup>2</sup><sup>3</sup> + y<sup>3</sup><sup>9</sup><sup>7</sup> + x<sup>6</sup><sup>7</sup>

But I am looking for this output

C<sub>12</sub>H<sub>22</sub>O<sub>11</sub> and x<sup>23</sup> + y<sup>397</sup> + x<sup>67</sup>

Pls guide, how this can be achieved.

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