Vanilla image for sahara cluster

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I'm trying to install an image for sahara cluster. But the documentation is a little restrictive. I didn't find the qcow2 image adapted to sahara. the mirrors that exist now are no longer up to date.Therefore, I tried to follow this doc Building Images for Vanilla Plugin

In summary, I followed these steps:

  1. Clone repository “” locally.
  2. Use tox to build images. tox -e venv -- sahara-image-create -u

The following error is throwing up

INFO diskimage_builder.block_device.blockdevice [-] State already cleaned - no way to do anything here
ERROR: InvocationError: '/opt/stack/sahara-image-elements/.tox/venv/bin/sahara-image-create'
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ summary ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
ERROR:   venv: commands failed

I am using centos7 and openstack queens. I would be grateful for any suggestion.

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Try this:

tox -e venv -- sahara-image-create -p vanilla -v 2.7.1 -i centos7