Super new to XPath so forgive me if I stumble through terms. I'm using IMPORTXML() in a google doc in order to pull info from a webpage. Basically what I'm shooting for is to turn this

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What I can't figure out is how to pull info between the <br> nodes and pull the string from within the <a> node. I've fumbled my way as far as =IMPORTXML($A$1, "//p/b[starts-with(text(), '"& $A4 &"')]/following-sibling::text()[1]") to get a return of 1 for Casting Time, but not any further.

The end goal is to do this for about a dozen different values across the page and cycle the checks through about 500 web pages, hence the cells in the formula. Any help would be appreciated.

Super in depth clarification section

Using XPath and a Google Sheet I am attempting to automatically make a roll20 formatted template macro for each spell on a spell casters list. For example, the Shaman Spell List I used //tr/td[1]/a[@href] and //tr/td[1]/a/@href to create side by side columns of spell names and their associated URL's. enter image description here Then on another page I can copy and paste the entire class spell list and use Vlookup to get the associated URL's while keeping the organized level sectioned tables like so (Note the Hyperlinked spell names are rich text so the internal URL is invisible to IMPORTXML, hence the extra step). enter image description here

With a single class having upwards of 500+ spells the ultimate goal is to create a series of IMPORTXML that look at the spell URL and pull relevant data from this particular section. For this example I'm using Arcane Mark.

enter image description here

The final goal is to use IMPORTXML to get each important category such as School, Casting Time, Target, Effect, Area, Range, etc. Put them in their respective columns and have a Concatenate I've written go through and pull all the various parts into one big formatted string compatible with the roll20 macro template to look like &{template:default} {{Name=Arcane mark}} {{School=Universal}} {{Casting Time=1 Standard Action}} {{Components=V,S}} {{Range=Touch}} {{Effect=One personal rune or mark, all of which must fit within 1 sq. ft.}} {{Duration=Permanent}} {{Saving Throw=None}} {{Spell Resistance=No}}

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 "where Col1 contains 'School'", 0)),,999^99)), A10&"\</b>\ (.+)\;"))