I'm trying to upload an image from a link via my Discord bot. The image is generated with PHP using Image Processing and Generation and is outputted in png format.

Although when I try and attach the image to my bots message like this it uploads a random file which I believe is the code behind the png.

message.channel.send({files: ["https://banlister.com/profiling/profile.php?id=76561198153846406"]});

I have given this a google and spent a bit of time trying to come up with other ways around this but I'm not much a fan of downloading the image each time so I thought I might be able to get some assistance here?

When I tried this with an imgur link it worked also when I linked a local image: example

I had the impression this would only be possible by downloading the image each time although I thought that I might just as well ask experts just to be sure.

1 Answers

PLASMA chicken On Best Solutions

The Bot sends the image as profile.phpbecuase of the url going to profile.php, so you need to specify the format. For example you can do:

  files: [{
    attachment: 'https://banlister.com/profiling/profile.php?id=76561198153846406',
    name: 'profile.png'