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Using Kafka as a (CQRS) Eventstore. Good idea?

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Although I've come across Kafka before, I just recently realized Kafka may perhaps be used as (the basis of) a CQRS, eventstore.

One of the main points that Kafka supports:

  • Event capturing / storing, all HA of course.
  • Pub / sub architecture
  • Ability to replay the eventlog which allows the ability for new subscribers to register with the system after the fact.

Admittedly I'm not 100% versed into CQRS / Event sourcing but this seems pretty close to what an eventstore should be. Funny thing is: I really can't find that much about Kafka being used as an eventstore, so perhaps I must be missing something.

So, anything missing from Kafka for it to be a good eventstore? Would it work? Using it production? Interested in insight, links, etc.

Basically the state of the system is saved based on the transactions/events the system has ever received, instead of just saving the current state / snapshot of the system which is what is usually done. (Think of it as a General Ledger in Accounting: all transactions ultimately add up to the final state) This allows all kinds of cool things, but just read up on the links provided.

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