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I have a gulpfile.js that runs through perfectly when typing gulp into the commandline.

All the gulp bash command really does is calling the specified js file in package.json >> bin >> gulp of the globally installed gulp.

Now I want to run the gulpfile without the globally installed gulp by simply typing node gulpfile.js which fails obviously and already has been mentioned quite often, despite gulp being installed locally and required at the beginning of the gulpfile.js

Using gulp without the cli tool would make it possible to use gulp as part of other npm plugins very easily.

Requiring another gulpfile.js works from an original gulpfile.js when this original gulpfile.js has been started via the gulp cli tool.

What is the best way of running/requiring gulp without the need for the global cli gulp tool (//edit: or linking to it locally)? e.g. being able to simply require it from another js file when gulp is only a locally installed dependency. (in other words starting gulp programmatically from inside JS without CLI intervention of any kind)

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