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Using getElementById VBA webscraping

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The following macro works fine in extracting data from webpages in a range using getElementsByClassName but I need it changed to getElementsById since the class name is not unique. Any help here will be appreciated

Dim oHtml As HTMLDocument
Dim oElement As Object
Dim url As String
Set oHtml = New HTMLDocument

Application.ScreenUpdating = False


url = Sheets("ASIN").Range("L2").Value

With CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
.Open "GET", url, False
oHtml.body.innerHTML = .responseText
End With

Set oElement = oHtml.getElementsByClassName("a-color-price")
For i = 0 To oElement.Length - 1
 Sheets("ASIN").Range("A" & (i + 1)) = oElement(i).innerText
Next i
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

Any help to use getElementById will be appreciated.

Webpage inspection screenshot attached

enter image description here

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