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Using category feeds for Yahoo Pipes

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I am using Yahoo Pipes API to create an application where i am picking up feeds from different websites. These feeds initially were the main rss feed of the blog. However, i need to take only those feeds which are a part of category.

So suppose there is a site with rss feeds at http://www.mysitename.ccom/rss.xml This site has categories like


Now i wish to get the RSS for these particular tags only.

First i was looking for some way to use Yahoo Pipe API filter to get the feeds with only these tags/categories, but yahoo pipes filter only support filtering with authorname, title, content but not tags or categories.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to filter these feeds in Yahoo Pipes API using some other operator?
  2. Also, if this is not possible, i may wish to simply add urls like but i could not find feeds here in this CMS (Drupal) for a particular tag. I would like to know how that can be grabbed.

Thank You

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