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Using an int value received via an API Call as an imageView resource

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I'm getting an int value from my getProfileIconId() call to an API and that int represents that player's profile icon. My question is, how do i use that value to set the appropriate icon for an ImageView in my layout since i don't have that icon stored locally? Should i somehow download it,store it in the user's storage and use the int to retrieve it and if so how should i go about doing that? Is there some other way to do this,am i ignoring something?

private class DownloadSummonerData extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Integer> {
        protected Integer doInBackground(Void... urls) {
            ApiConfig config = new ApiConfig().setKey(API_KEY);
            RiotApi api = new RiotApi(config);
            Summoner summoner = null;
            try {
                summoner = api.getSummonerByName(Platform.EUNE, "XmaxUniverse");
            } catch (RiotApiException e) {

            return summoner.getProfileIconId();

        protected void onPostExecute(Integer result) {

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