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Use properties to describe classes

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I think it is possible to use properties to describe rdfs classes. However, is it really a good practice in term of semantics.

As an example, consider that we have:

:Animal        a          rdfs:Class.
:Lion          a          rdfs:Class.
:Lion   rdfs:subClassOf   :Animal.

Now consider that we want to state something about all lions; for example that they have 30 teeth and covered with fur:

:countOfTeeth          a      rdf:Property.
:Lion           :countOfTeeth "30"^^xsd:Integer.
:coveredWith           a      rdf:Property.
:Lion           :coveredWith  :fur.

Note that I am stating properties describing the class itself, i.e., not its instances.


  1. I find nothing syntactically wrong with this. Right?
  2. Now semantically: Is that a common practice? What are the implications of such way of modelling?
  3. Now how about instances of :Lion, will this knowledge be applicable?
  4. Any standard W3C resources?

Please note that I am questioing the usage of properties to describe classes in this way; not whether this way of modelling knowledge about lions' teeth and fur is the best.


I am talking from a vocabulary building perspective. The interpretation is pretty much depending on the application side. Hence, solutions like making :Lion a subclass of an anonymous restriction is not quite what I need.

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