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UNIX_TIMESTAMP with date in MySQL query not working

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I have dates stored as a varchar in a MySQL database. I know this isn't ideal.. but it what's I have at the moment.

Example date:

$start_date = "11/22/2019";
$start_date = strtotime($start_date);
$end_date = "11/29/2020";
$end_date = strtotime($end_date);

I'm trying to write a query that checks to see if a date in this format falls within a range

I'm running into problems when the start date has the same month as the end date but a different year.

if (!empty($start_date)) {
    $where_clause[] = "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(start_date) >= '" . $start_date . "'";

if (!empty($end_date)) {
    $where_clause[] = "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(end_date) <= '" . $end_date . "'";

I read that UNIX_TIMESTAMP would allow me to do this but it doesn't seem to be working.

How can I make this query work?

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