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Unity Editor - C#: Why does my list reset to null OnEnable?

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I'm trying to make a custom unity editor and for some reason every time I close the window and open it again, my list resets to null.

I'm trying to save data from a dictionary by separating the keys and values into 2 separate lists OnDisable, and then re-creating the dictionary OnEnable by combining the lists. But every time OnEnable is called I get a null from my lists...

Here's an example of what the code looks like.

public Dictionary<string, string> myDictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();

public List<string> listOfDictionaryKeys;

    private void OnEnable()
        // this always returns null


    private void OnDisable()
        // this successfully saves the keys to the list
        listOfDictionaryKeys = (myDictionary.Keys).ToList();


Does anyone have any ideas why I could be losing my list data? I'm not setting any values in an inspector, they're all being set and saved by code.

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