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unexpected character found in xquery code

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I am trying to run the following in my query console.

 xquery version "1.0-ml";

 import module namespace functx = "" at "/MarkLogic/functx/functx- 
 let $forestNames := xdmp:forest-name(xdmp:host-forests(xdmp:host()))
let $databaseForestsIds := xdmp:database-forests(xdmp:database("credits-dh-FINAL"))
return functx:value-intersect($forestNames, $databaseForestsIds ! xdmp:forest-name (.)) 

but i am getting below error :-

 [1.0-ml] XDMP-BADCHAR: (err:XPST0003) Unexpected character found ' ' (0x00a0)

The same code when i run in my colleague's machine it works. where is it going wrong?

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