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Understanding Yahoo activity data report

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Apologies, I am not a developer but I am hoping for some help interpreting a download of my Yahoo account data. In the activity data folder I have many separate JSON files describing events (date, time, device, app version, etc.) that took place in my account over a certain period. I need to understand the "events" that occurred on a particular device, because it is a device that was logged into my email without my authorization. Yahoo "support" can provide me with no information. Some seem self-explanatory, others I have no idea. Thank you!

   "event": "snpy_event_seq_reset",
    "event": "app_start",
    "event": "warn",
    "event": "expsdk_data",
    "event": "push_notif_received",
    "event": "page",
    "event": "app_inact",
    "event": "tel",
    "event": "message_header_back",
    "event": "launch_icon_open",
    "event": "list_conversation_open",
    "event": "conversation_message_open",
    "event": "message_link_follow",

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