I am using DisplayTag table library with Struts2 for displaying records from database.I am able to get table data in display tag table. I wanted to pass one of the columns (Column name: Location name) value to javascript function via button on click. But I'm unable to get that property value. Below is code snippet of it.

<display:table class="table-responsive table-striped table" export="false"  id="requestListLocationInfo"  name="requestListLocationInfo"  requestURI="#" pagesize="50" >    
        <display:column title="Sl No.">
        <display:column property="location_name" title="Location Name" sortable="false" />
        <display:column property="status_loc" title="Status" sortable="false"   />
        <display:column property="created_by" title="Created By"  sortable="false"   />
        <display:column property="date_loc" title="Created Date"  sortable="false"   />
        <display:column title="Modify"><button onclick="getModifyDetails('<s:property value="location_name"/>')">Modify</button></display:column>

and javascript function is as shown below.

function getModifyDetails(location_name){
        alert('loc name is'+location_name);
        var url = "./getModifyLocDetails.action?location_name="+location_name;
        window.open(url,"_blank","directories=no, status=no,width=700, height=500,top=0,left=0");

How do I get column value as parameter to js function?

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