I have images in Azure blob storage which I can access publicly at a URL such as:


I have added a custom (sub) domain storage.mydomain.net in the Storage Account Portal and verified it using the CNAME method and I try accessing the image with the custom domain URL such as:


And I get the following 404 message

The requested content does not exist.
HttpStatusCode: 404
ErrorCode: WebContentNotFound
RequestId : 5ce62ecb-e01e-0050-1941-039626000000
TimeStamp : 2019-05-05T12:56:11.3927925Z

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Things of note:

  • I don't think I need to add a CDN for this as I'm not going to serve images over HTTPS (yet).

  • I have disabled secure transfer in the Portal configuration section.

  • The URLs above are just for example

1 Answers

Tony Ju On Best Solutions

verified it using the CNAME method

How did you verified it?

You can use dns lookup tool to check if your sub domain works. enter image description here

Here are all my steps to make it work.

1.I bought the domain from Azure. So I just added a CNAME for the storage endpoint.

enter image description here

2.Then add the custom domain to storage. enter image description here