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i am willing to create video rooms with only 2 persons in it with twillio & node.js (express) & and for seeing how it works i cloned github quickstart from this link:

it had a few errors:

it could not recognize "Twilio" in javascipt so i changed existing link with cdn link

also i changed with with <script src=""></script>

and deleted DetectRTC from code because it was causing errors in console and cleared all errors in console but it still does not works, regardless it does not logs any error. what is problem with this code? if anyone can fix it please post your answer below. Thanks!

(by the way this video guided me to that quickstart and as i see code in this video works but this quickstart does not

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philnash On Best Solutions

Twilio developer evangelist here.

That quickstart you are using there is not our official one. I recommend you take a look at the official Twilio Video quickstart and follow the instructions there to see how it all works. The team that looks after our quickstarts keeps this one up to date with the latest changes in the library and should work better for you.