I'm trying to run my scala lexer/parser program from the terminal but haven't been successful. Please help. I'm very new to commands from the terminal.

I have scala installed. I don't know if I have to set the path for it to work or if I simply wrote the command to run it wrong. I have searched many possibilities but no success. I also checked if there is a problem with sbt, which I think I have also installed.

Gladicitas-MacBook:~ david$ cd Desktop
Gladicitas-MacBook:Desktop david$ cd TestIt
Gladicitas-MacBook:TestIt david$ ls
Files       project     src
build.sbt   scala       target
Gladicitas-MacBook:TestIt david$ cd src
Gladicitas-MacBook:src david$ >scala lexer.sc
-bash: lexer.sc: command not found

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