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Trying to access the correct directory

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So I'm trying to write a script that'll use the command line in Windows, and it's defaulting to a structure that is under my Python directory - I don't want that.

import subprocess
import time"""Cscript %windir%/System32/Printing_Admin_Scripts/en-US/Prnport.vbs -a -r "" -h "" -o raw""")
time.sleep(5)"""rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUIEntry /if /b "Saturn" /f w:\printers\toshibae3511\eng\est_c2.inf /r "" /m "TOSHIBA e-STUDIO Color PS3""")
raw_input("press any key to exit")

The first subprocess call should execute the script prnport.vbs in c:\windows\system32, etc, etc, however instead it goes to like c:\python27\projects\printer setup\%windir%\system32, etc etc

How do I make it go to the correct directory, which might (though probably won't) vary per computer?

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