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I loaded a package called "pa" in R trying to do some basic performance attribution analysis for my portfolio, the pa package comes with its own data frame, namely "year"

I tried the data (year) in the console line, it works

year data

My problem.....

I tried to create/import a CSV file and I call it Rtestcsv (with all my holding and Bloomberg code)


I tried to type [data (Rtestcsv)] in the console, error msg pops up and said the file is not found, why?

is it true the "pa" package created by Yang Lu can only apply to his own data frame?

In order to use the "pa" package performance simple analysis, what should i have to do with my own data frame? coz it seems the CSV file has been successfully imported and appeared in the top right-hand R environment

R environment

I would appreciate if someone could shed me some insights to handle my issue as I am new to R

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