I am getting this error while doing motif analysis in Homer in my Mac:-

"bash: findMotifs.pl: command not found"

I have followed the following steps:

  • I created a folder called Homer where i kept the ConfigureHomer.pl script
  • Then I went to the homer directory by cd homer command in terminal
  • Then I install homer via command: pearl/ConfigureHomer.pl-install then i set the path as PATH=$PATH:/my_directory/homer/.//bin/
  • Then I install mouse promoter as: perl /my _directory/homer/.//configureHomer.pl -install mouse perl /my _directory/homer/.//configureHomer.pl -install mouse-o
  • And then I install the mouse genome version mm10 as: perl /my _directory/homer/.//configureHomer.pl -install mm10
  • Then for checking whether it is working well I type: findMotifs.pl

But I get the error as:

bash: findMotifs.pl: command not found

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