I appeared for an online hiring event by crossover. I was provided an angular project with a set of existing errors and a list of enhancements to work on. When I downloaded the same and tried running "npm install" on the project, it crapped out on me saying "Operation not permitted by operating system". I have tried all the solutions suggested online including...

  1. npm cache clean
  2. npm cache clean --force
  3. deleting the node_modules folder
  4. Running npm cache clean over and over again
  5. Trying different versions of Node along with npm v5+
  6. Wrote multiple emails to their support staff
  7. Running all the commands and opening IDE in "Run as Administrator" mode
  8. Ran all the commands from command prompt as well
  9. Ran all the commands from command prompt opened in "Run as Administrator" mode
  10. Deleted the package-lock.json file and then ran "npm install"
  11. Deleted the package-lock.json file and then ran "npm install --no-optional" In between all the above steps tried my own recipes as well.

Needless to say the job opportunity is lost and has left my ego severely bruised. If someone could at least help me figure out what the issue is, it would help close a chapter with a lesson learnt. The zipped up project is available here: xo-project.zip on Google Drive

I found a thread on Github discussing the error. The solutions described do not work for me.


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SiD On Best Solutions

Finally, The below steps helped me resolve the issue.

Installed material-design-icons globally using npm install material-design-icons -g Next, removed the node_modules directory from the project and ran npm install. This worked for me but not in time to submit before deadline. The project compiled and ran successfully using npm start post the above steps.