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Triggering Javascript Code from PHP Laravel Controller

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I'm using OAuth for login in my Laravel Controller. Its working fine but the thing is when the user is registered for the first time, I wanna trigger the HTML 5 geolocation API to fetch the user's current location and do some mixpanel stuff. Earlier I was using AJAX in the JS for the login so there was no such problem but now that I've implemented a complete server side solution, I'm stuck with this one problem.

The Laravel Controller code looks something like this :

       function callback(){
          \\ fetch the access token and graph data
          if($res = \Auth::mjAuthenticate('facebook', $fbData)){                    
                $user = \Auth::scope()->getUser();                          

                return \Redirect::to('events'); 
            if (\Auth::mjRegister('facebook', $fbData)) {

                $user = \Auth::scope()->getUser();                                      

                return \Redirect::to('events');

            return $this->handleFailure('Some Problem Occured');

The Earlier JS Code was :

                .post('auth/login', {
                    data: {
                        oauth_provider: 'facebook',
                        oauth_token: accessToken
                    cache: false
                .done(function(data) {                                              

                    mixpanel.track('User Logged In', {
                        provider: 'Facebook',
                        first_name: data.resource.first_name,
                        last_name: data.resource.last_name
                    if (data.msg == 'Resource registered') {
                      // Prompt for Allow Deny Geolocation popup.

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